Choosing Days With Kids In Mind

When choosing a day out for the family, try to keep your children’s likes and dislikes in mind when selecting a destination.

Some children will happily visit “boring old places,” but many will not.  Most children, however, might be more willing to sit through the “boring spots” if they understand that they’ll get to go to “some place cool” afterwards.

Think About The Destination

Remember to think through the destinations, too.  While an amusement park—with the rides, costumes, food and fun—might sound great, children might disagree when they’re too small to actually ride the rides.  How much fun is it to sit in a pushchair while the older kids ride the roller coaster?

The reverse is also true; while the younger children will happily explore a petting zoo, the older children might spend the entire visit wishing they were anywhere else and hoping that photos of them feeding a baby goat won’t get back to their classmates.

Some children will be thrilled by a museum, while others will not.  The fossilised skeletons and stuffed animals will fascinate some kids and terrify others.  Many museums have interactive areas that provide a hands-on learning experience.

Outdoor Spaces

Parks and other outdoor attractions attract kids of all ages.  The younger ones will appreciate the chance to run around and play, while the older ones might be interested in the science or history of the site.

Keep in mind the attitudes and feelings of children, too.  They might say they’re looking forward to visiting a cave, until they realise that it’s very dark, damp and cold. Sensitive children might just cut the exploring short when they see what it involves.