School Run Make Up Routine

Long gone are the days where I’d have to have a full face of makeup and my hair blow dried before I’d leave the house. Once my first child came along I quickly realised that a few extra minutes in bed meant more to me than hair and makeup!

However, most mornings I’m running on caffeine having stayed up far too late the night before trying to get through my ever growing to do list! So I have a very simple make up routine that makes me feel more put together and ready for the day.

I’m not sure I should even really call it a makeup routine as I keep things super simple but here’s what I do.


I developed melasma during pregnancy. Areas of my face are still very sensitive to the sun so I always wear a factor 50 SPF regardless of whether it’s winter or summer. I love the tinted Epionce SPF. I don’t moisturise before I use it. It also gives me a tiny bit of colour and it’s not too greasy. I’ll normally leave it about 5 minutes before I move onto my foundation but every minute counts in the morning so I’ll use this time to do my hair or make the packed lunches.


I use No7 Intelligent Colour Foundation and to be honest it’s not really like a foundation at all. It’s a super light velvety formula. I just apply it with my fingers. It’s so quick to apply and feels beautiful on my face.


If I have time I pop a sweep of eyeshadow on (Naked Basics Palette) but most mornings I’d go without. I do always put a fine line on eyeliner on. I love the Avon Glimmer Stick. It’s really thin and glides on easily. I put it super close to my upper lash, it’s not very noticeable but it makes my lashes look a bit fuller. I curl my lashes and then do a sweep of Benefit They’re Real Mascara. It lasts all day and just makes my eyes look more awake. For my brows I use The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit. It’s a powder formula and very quick to put on my brows.


For most of 2020/2021 I’ve not been using anything on my lips as my mouth has been covered by a mask!! But I like M&S’s Autograph Colour Balm Lip Shine or NYX Butter Gloss. They both feel and wear nicely.

And that’s about it. You’ll notice the theme is that all the products are quick to use and don’t feel too heavy on my skin. Are there any products that you’d recommend?